The poet's hand by Ralph Gibson, 2005

Max Blagg, English born, has lived in NYC since 1971. Highly respected as a poet, writer and performer on the New York literary scene, he has appeared at innumerable venues in and out of NYC, including the Kitchen, Guggenheim Museum, Parrish Museum, Jackie 60, St Marks Church, The National Arts Club, Bowery Poetry Club, CBGB, The Gershwin Hotel, Jackie 60, the Performing Garage, and many other choice locations.

Since 1979 he has published five volumes of poetry and prose, and his writing has appeared frequently in various magazines, including Bomb, Man of The World, Shiny, Interview, Aperture, Ten, Oyster, BG, Village Voice, Night, Verbal Abuse. Blagg was co-founder and co-editor with Glenn O'Brien, of the short-lived but groundbreaking magazine of art and literature, BALD EGO.

Blagg has collaborated with many artists, including James Nares, Alex Katz, Jack Pierson, Richard Prince, Donald Sultan, Billy Sullivan, Keith Sonnier, Joe Fyfe, Jerelyn Hanrahan and Nicholas Rule, creating texts and poetry inspired by their work and used in gallery and museum exhibition catalogues, and artworks.

Blagg continues to raise the dead in a series of interviews with famous deceased celebrities, published in 10 magazine over the past two years, featuring among others, Otto Dix, Yves St Laurent, and Alex Liberman. The Truman Capote interview was recently made into a short film featuring Gary Indiana reincarnated as Truman. Shot by Barney Kulok in and around the Hamptons, the film, currently in post production, features a number of random encounters with art world luminaries and a severe critique of much of the recent construction in Sagaponack

Blagg also recently published an 'embellished memoir', "Ticket Out" [Shallow Books NYC,2012] A sequel entitled "101 Nights". set in 1980s New York, is nearing completion.

In June 2013, Shallow Books also published a limited edition book,"Writing on The Wall', which also served as the catalogue for Blagg's 'Writing on the Wall' exhibition at SHOWROOM, NYC. The show, consisting of 21 stenciled typewriter lids with fragments of Blagg's poetry also traveled in video form to the Parrish Museum in Southhampton, September 2013. Blagg's most recent exhibition of new stenciled works, also with an accompanying limited edition book/catalog, "Venus at the One Stop', opened in March 2014 at 6 Decades Books, NYC. In conjunction with this exhibit and book, Exhibition A, NYC produced a limited edition print of one of the works in the show, available for sale from Exhibition A.